Nicolas Vanlerberghe

Nicolas Vanlerberghe was born in Kortrijk on 15 April 1967.

He successfully completed his secondary education at the Sint-Jozefscollege in Izegem in 1985, where he followed the Classical Languages curriculum.

He obtained his Master of Laws (LL.M) from the University of Louvain on 12 July 1990 and on completion of additional specialist studies, was also awarded a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Ghent on 10 July 1991.
He has been practising as a lawyer since being called to the bar in the judicial district of Kortrijk in 1996. Nicolas Vanlerberghe is founding partner of ‘Trius advocaten’.

As a member of the firm, Nicolas Vanlerberghe, now mostly concentrates on labour law (with particular emphasis on legal consultancy, for both for employers and employees, relating to the termination of employment contracts,); commercial contract law (such as legal consultancy and drafting of contracts relating to agency, concession and franchising agreements); international private law (establishing the applicable law and competent courts in disputes arising out of international contracts); contracting law; and banking and mortgage law. He is also in charge within the office of all matters dealing with debt collection law, such as claiming payment of invoices from inland and foreign debtors, the guiding of various insolvency procedures such as bankruptcy and judicial reorganization and the conducting of all sorts of seizure procedures.

Preferred areas of speciality

  • labour law and social security
  • commercial (contract) law
  • international private law
  • banking and mortgage law
  • foreclosure law


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